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Do You Have Discreet Billing and Shipping?

Yes, discreet billing and shipping is very important to us and is one of the reasons why we have so many repeat customers..

Is it safe to order from ShroomTeam?

ShroomTeam follows detailed procedures to ensure your package is as secure and discrete as possible.  All orders include a tracking number so you can monitor the location of your order in real time.  For more details on shipping, please read our Shipping Policy page for further information.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay using Interac e-Transfer or BitCoin which are the two most secure payment methods available.  We would love to be able to accept Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Stripe etc. as payment methods. Unfortunately all of those payment methods do not allow for the processing of Magic Mushroom products.

How Long Until My Order Ships?

We ship to all of Canada typically same day if the order and payment are received before 3:30pm E.S.T. Mon – Fri and next business day on weekends or holidays.

Where does ShroomTeam ship?

We ship to all Canadian addresses and P.O. Boxes.  ShroomTeam offers Free Expedited and Free Overnight Express delivery.  Please read our Shipping Policy page for more details.

What is a Microdose?

A micro-dose is taking a substance like psilocybe mushrooms at a level under 10% of what would be a standard dose for recreational or spiritual purposes. At this low level, there can be mental and physical benefits without any “high” or psychedelic effects.

A typical micro-dose of psilocybe mushrooms is typically in the range of 50mg to 150mg.

What are the benefits of Psilocybe Microdoses?

Benefits can include reduced anxiety, reduced stress, improvement in sleep patterns, improvement in mood, reduced substance use, reduction in cluster headaches, reduction in migraine headaches, increase in focus, increase in creativity. Some users find that Micro-doses can also provide pain relief.

I’m taking a prescription drug. Can I still Microdose?

It is always recommended to consult with your doctor first. However most doctors are not well versed on micro-dosing with Magic Mushrooms so you will need to research any drug interactions with your prescribed medications.

We do not recommend combining psilocybin with lithium, as there are reports this combination can lead to heart problems.

We also warn that anti-depressants can dramatically reduce the effects of microdosing. If you are taking SSRI or SNRI we recommend reducing or eliminating your use while microdosing. Consult with your doctor on how to safely reduce or eliminate any anti-depressants.

Generally, there are no significant interactions to be concerned about with other drugs. However, we do advise reducing other drug use, including alcohol, on the days you are microdosing, if possible.

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