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Magic Mushrooms Canada

ShroomTeam delivers the best Canadian psilocybin magic mushrooms as dried mushrooms, edibles, capsules, raw shrooms, and specialty beverages like Blue Juice.

Need spores, substrate, mycelium? We have everything you need to grow your own magic. We're a dedicated team of mycology specialists - welcome to ShroomTeam!

Canadian Psilocybin

Penis Envy Cubensis

Mexican Cubensis

Truly uplifting and energizing; mental lightness and body comfort.

ShroomTeam Blue Juice

Cold extraction psilocybin, deliciously funky & sugar-free. Pre-order now to get some Blue Juice first, stock will be limited.
Penis Envy Cubensis

Penis Envy Albino Cubensis

Energy, euphoria and intrigue. Very high potency.

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... Appreciate it. I got my stuff super quick. Thanks very much, you'll hear from me again soon. =)


Been ordering from ShroomTeam since they started. Fast shipping and A+ packaging, so I keep coming back. Great service guys!

Mr. W (BC)

Thank you for resolving my problem quickly. You've been awesome! Please quote me on that.

Alice (NS)

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